What is the age limit for my kids to play at the Fun Lab?

   The age limit for kids playing on the inflatables is 12 years and under due to safety precautions. We have arcade games  that older kids are welcome to  use if they would like. Our staff will be present at all times to enforce the rules and enforce safety.

 Can we walk in and play anytime?

   Our facility is ALWAYS open to the public! The only exception to this would be when we have to close down for large Field Trip groups. This will be posted on our website in advance.

Are socks required to play at the Fun Lab?

  Yes, for safety reasonssocks must be worn at all times. If you arrive without socks you will be required to purchase a pair from us before playing.

Am I allowed to bring in outside food and drinks?

   No, we do not allow outside food and drinks unless you pay for a party package. We have a large variety of concessions you may purchase while you are here.

Can adults play on the inflatables?

   No, for liability purposes we can not allow adults to jump in inflatables with the children. You may help a child that is too small to climb but you may not play and slide. We will have a staff member on the floor enforcing this rule.

Can I drop my kids off to play while I run errands?

   No all children must have parental supervision at all times. Our staff can not be held responsible for baby sitting anyone's child  while they are in our facility.

Will I be required to sign a waiver?

   Yes all children playing at the Fun Lab will need a waiver signed by a parent or guardian before being allowed in our playroom.